Customizations, Extensions und Custom Configurations in IFS Applications 8, 9, 10 und IFS Cloud.
Begann 2016 bei IFS Sri Lanka und arbeitet seit 5 Jahren mit IFS im technischen Hintergrund.


What is your job at INNEX GmbH?

My job at INNEX is very exciting. As a technical consultant I’m responsible for different tasks, starting from the requirement analysis together with functional consultants and providing estimations for the customizations to the customers. It goes along with development activities for customizations/configurations in technical scope, and handling customer deliveries is also a part of my job. After deliveries I’m also handling maintenance work like change requests so that we always deliver a good end product to the customer.

What do you like best about your job?

There are a lot of best things. 🙂 First, there is the nice team and my great colleagues. We all share responsibility, treat each other with respect, and anyone can come to anyone anytime. I also like that we connect with our customers so closely when working with them. This helps to get more experience which is a great advantage for my career.

What are you good at?

In general, I would say I’m a good listener. When it comes to work, I would say that I’m a good listener as well as a proactive worker.

Do you like getting up early or do you love to sleep long?

Usually, my routine is going to bed lately and getting up later. 🙂 As I don’t have to travel to work, I’m still able to do that, so home office is quite a privilege to me.

Pizza or Pasta?

Preferably both if I don’t need to choose – at the same time. 🙂

What exactly are you doing on a working day?

As traveling is no part of my working day I can start early at around 8am. First, I go through my mails and chats and check if there are some escalations or changed priorities. According to that I adjust my daily plan. Then I’m going to start with my daily development work and participate in meetings with colleagues and customers if there are some.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Accountable, honest, dynamic.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love summer and doing outdoor activities like going out by bicycle or doing some hikes. I love meeting other people and getting in touch with nature as I love the sceneries here in Munich and the region very much, like e.g. the mountains.

What do you like about the ERP business?

ERP is having a wide scope as it runs from Manufacturing over Supply Chain to Finance and HR to everything. So as a technical consultant working in ERP business, I got passionate about working in a lot of different industries, to get to know their business processes, their customers and at the end of the day providing smart solutions to solve their problems. It is a nice feeling that we are helping other people to make their work easy.

ERP is also a big word everywhere, so it includes a lot of new technologies like big data, virtual reality and AI. It is very interesting that industry is also going with these technologies and as a technical consultant it’s also exciting that IFS Cloud is even more influenced by these in comparison to IFS Applications 9 or 10.

What’s special about working at INNEX?

I have started in April and it has been a really warm welcome. I have great colleagues with a lot of variety which always look together on the projects as one big team. I also appreciate the encouragement from our management which is very motivating. So, for me it’s a privilege to be working at INNEX.

What does it need to be a good Technical Consultant?

A technical consultant needs good analytical skills. It is definitely a plus when you have functional and technical knowledge, so that you’re really understanding IFS. You also need to keep your knowledge up to date with the trends to always know what’s new. Additionally I would say as a technical consultant you should be a team player and a person who thinks out of the box.

Do you have tips for future INNEX heroes or those who want to become one?

As a future applicant for INNEX you should have the passion to think out of the box and do some good stuff like smart solutions to the customers to optimize solutions within the timeframe and scope. You should be a good team player that can fit into the team very well and goes with the others with respect and appreciation. It should be a person that is able to work together and that has good communication skills to make things easy.

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